Government pathologists are scheduled to begin post-mortem examinations on Thursday, playing a crucial role in the ongoing inquiry into the disconcerting cultic church in Shakahola, Kilifi County.

The probe into the church that resulted in the deaths of its members because of starvation has entered its seventh day.

By Wednesday evening, the number of confirmed fatalities had reached ninety-eight.

The incident revolves around Pastor Paul Mackenzie Nthenge of the Good News International Church, who allegedly instructed his followers to abstain from food in order to "encounter Jesus."

Detectives and pathologists are currently conducting thorough searches of the Shakahola forest to uncover additional shallow graves and locate any of the unscrupulous pastor's followers who may be in hiding.

Simultaneously, individuals from various parts of the country continue to gather in the vicinity, seeking any information regarding their loved ones suspected to have been involved in this infamous cultic church.