The six Azimio La Umoja One Kenya Coalition leaders who were arrested on Monday during the Raila Odinga-led anti-government demonstrations were arraigned.

The six leaders who were arrested on Monday on claims of participating in unlawful demonstrations were arraigned at the Kahawa Law Court before Principal Magistrate Gideon Oenga.

They six, Amina Mnyanzi, Esther Oromi, Opiyo Wandayi, Steward Madzayo, Richard Chonga, and George Obure, were accused of participating in an unlawful assembly on Monday at around 10 a.m. along City Hall Way in Nairobi with others who were not present in court.

Besides that, the leaders also faced a second count of malicious damage to property.

According to the count documents, they were charged alongside others who were not in court with willfully and unlawfully destroying a Volkswagen Passat motor vehicle belonging to one Joyce Nyambura worth Sh1.1 million.

The accuses through their legal team led comprising Peter Kaluma, Dan Maanzo, Danstan Omari, Sam Nyaberi and others asked to be released on lenient bond terms of Sh50,000.

"We are seeking their release on a personal bond. Court to consider what is on the ground. There is political heat and let's not escalate it. Release them on 50,000 bail," Omari requested.

He added that the court should not restrict the accused’s movements as they were not a flight risks.

Kaluma prayed that the court releases Wandayi who is a Minority leader in the National Assembly and needed to be in the house to conduct parliament business on Thursday.

He asked for a speedy release and said the prosecution should not oppose the process.

“We pray that the prosecution should not be opposed and the process to have them released should be hastened,” Kaluma said.

The prosecution did not object to the release of the accused but urged the court to be partial. The prosecution also applied to have the accused deposit their passports in court.

"The court should be partial and not intimidated by any political situations that could happen in granting bond terms," the prosecution said.