Radio Africa Limited's Kiss 100 TV station has once again shut down barely a year after its relaunch.

Radio Africa Limited announced the closure of the TV station in a statement it issued on Friday 

According to an internal memo seen by Swala Nyeti, the station was shut down permanently due to its inability to generate revenue.

"As you may be aware, our TV department has been unable to generate any revenue despite effort by everyone involved to turn the station around," the memo read.

Kiss TV station will go off air on Friday and the memo says the HR will inform all the affected staff on the handover process.

"Consequently we will be shutting down the station today, 17th March 2023. All affected staff will duly be informed on the handover process by the HR team," the memo read further.

It added, "Once again, I would like to thank Kiss TV staff for all the effort they put to make the brand work."

Kiss TV was relaunched in May 2022 with the hope of turning around its fortunes but from the look of things, that never materialized and leaves tens of employees.