Two armed thugs were killed in the Njiru area within Nairobi County on Tuesday afternoon, following a fierce gun battle between them and police officers.

The incident happened when the police officers were on their routine patrol along Kangundo road in an unmarked vehicle.

Upon reaching Shujaa area, the officers took notice of the suspicious criminals atop a motorbike while preying on their next victim.

The officers immediately intercepted the bike at the Kobil gas station and tasked the suspects to identify themselves.

Instead of identifying themselves, the defiant criminals responded with gunfire, prompting a shootout that left two dead.

The third criminal narrowly escaped with his life on the motorbike, leaving his accomplices to fate.

The police recovered a firearm and three rounds of ammunition from the dead criminals.

Preliminary investigations revealed the pistol the police recovered from the fallen thugs was the same one that was stolen from a senior police officer at Embakasi Police Station in December 2022.

Crime scene detectives later processed and documented the scene before moving the bodies of the deceased thugs to City Mortuary.