Raila Odinga’s Azimio la Umoja One Kenya coalition party on Tuesday outlined its demands to President William Ruto threatening unspecified action if he fails to heed to the demands.

The 11 demands were made during Raila’s opposition public rally at Kamukunji Grounds in Nairobi on Wednesday in what Azimio leaders dubbed “the people’s consultative forum.”

In a statement to newsrooms after the rally, through Raila aide Dennis Onyango, Azimio accused Kenya Kwanza government of abandoning the agenda they had promised Kenyans.

Azimio accused the Ruto administration of becoming aloof to the needs of Kenyans and showing no empathy to the plight of the majority who are pressed by high living costs.

The Raila brigade says it will continue holding talks across Kenya to pursue “a nation that cares for its citizens, respects the rule of law and honours the principles of inclusivity in line with our constitution.”

During the packed Azimio rally at Kamukunji Grounds in Nairobi, the opposition leaders present outlined the following as their demands to the President Ruto government:

1. There is need for Ruto regime to be put under intense scrutiny and pressure by Kenyans and be forced to return to the people’s agenda, which the regime has discarded.

2. That the Ruto administration be pressured to institute measures to reduce cost of basic commodities particularly by restoring subsidies to unga, fuel, school fees and electricity beginning January 2023 failure to which Kenyans will be free to take such steps as they may deem fit to ease the burden of the yoke upon their shoulders.

3. The Ruto regime must restore the school fees subsidy that saw the ministry reduce fees in all secondary schools and special needs schools. Ruto needs to understand that while his fortunes may have changed for the better, for a majority of parents if not all, the economic situation has become worse or remained the same.

4. The Ruto regime be made to immediately restore and enhance the subsidies in the area of social safety in the form of cash transfer to the elderly, pesa ya wazee and Linda Mama that covered maternal issues for economically disadvantaged mothers which have since been withdrawn.

5. The Ruto regime be pressured and be made to institute discipline, order and clarity in its ranks so that Kenyans can have clarity on critical policy issues failure to which Kenyans will be at liberty to disobey the incoherent roadside declarations being issued by his incompetent officers.

6. The Ruto regime be pressed to embrace the rule of law, and embark on an inclusive and consultative process of reconstituting the IEBC failure to which Kenyans will be free to resort to other measures that will enable them attain this goal.

7. In strict adherence to the Constitution and the rule of law, Ruto be pressed to take steps to ensure that the composition of the civil service reflects the ethnic, regional, religious and gender diversity of our land and that it rewards competence and is free of tribalism, favouritism and nepotism and in compliance with the Integrity provisions of the constitution.

8. The Kazi Mtaani project be immediately restored and be made available to those who find it useful while others pursue options like Ruto’s mjengo.

9. Ruto be compelled to permanently discard any ideas and plans to bring GM crops and seeds to Kenya because of the grave danger they pose our health, environment and seeds. The administration must adhere to the rule of law and constitutional provisions on public participation and enactment of relevant legislation.

10. We decry the ongoing collapse of the criminal justice system that has seen the DPP drop cases of highly placed suspects while millions of poor Kenyans with petty offences continue to rot in jail and that the DPP be made to open the jails for everyone to walk home if the office is no longer interested in upholding the rule of law and protecting the criminal justice system.

11. The Hustler Fund be constituted in line with the rule of law, correct legislation and without illegal threats to the youths who tap into it. The youth who have picked the funds must be encouraged not to panic or commit suicide in the event they default. Those who can’t pay won’t have to pay.