Kenyans will have to wait much longer before the price of maize flour (unga) comes down to the mark they were once used to.

This is clear from President William Ruto’s speech on Tuesday during the launch of the Affordable Housing in Kibera.

While blaming former President Uhuru Kenyatta’s administration for causing the current high unga prices, Ruto requested Kenyans to give him a year before resolving the matter.

“Those who caused the rise in the price of unga up to Sh230 created that problem for four years. Give me only a year and I will resolve the issue,” Ruto said.

The president said the Kenya Kwanza administration was resolute on lowering the cost of living in the country.

He said by the government releasing Sh3.6 billion subsidised fertiliser, the country will realise an increase in farm produce which will lead to the reduction of the prices of maize flour.

Ruto reiterated that his administration must reduce the cost of living and the journey to reduce the cost of living in the country has already begun.

“We must reduce the cost of living and I told you we must reduce the cost of unga. That journey to reduce the cost of unga and the cost of living has already begun. We have given our farmers 1.5 million bags of fertiliser and we will add them another 6 million so that they can produce food,” the president said.

During his campaigns, Ruto promised to lower the cost of living and the price of basic commodities such as unga within his first 100 days in office.

He cut the subsidies on the prices of unga saying his administration will instead subsidise the cost of production, which he said would stabilise the prices of commodities.