President-elect William Ruto has pledged to announce the subsidised prices of fertiliser once he is sworn in as the president of Kenya next week.

Ruto was speaking on Sunday in Meru County where he joined Christian hopefuls in a church service.

He disclosed he held a three-day talk with stakeholders in the Agriculture sector ever the matter.

“We have many tea farmers, and the price of fertiliser is now around Sh6,000. I have held talks with people from the Ministry of Agriculture and I will announce new fertiliser prices that will be subsidised next week,” Ruto said.

He said his government is on the path to reforming the Agriculture sector starting next week.

Ruto also alluded that the price of maize flour is expected to come down since the price of fertiliser will also come down.

“I have held talks with the Ministry of Agriculture to address the price of Unga. Next week, I will announce to our farmers. Unga prices will start going down,” the president-elect said.

The prices of fertilisers and maize flour have skyrocketed and Kenyans are feeling the pinch.