Kenya Urban Roads Authority (KURA) has cautioned motorists plying the Eastern Bypass against breaking traffic rules while using the road that is still under construction.

Kura advises motorists not to drive on the wrong side of the road and avoid causing accidents along the road.

“Our attention has been drawn to motorists using the Eastern Bypass, please note that the road is still under construction and we urge motorists to obey the traffic rules and desist from driving on the wrong side,” KURA said.

According to KURA, a majority of accidents that have occurred on the Eastern Bypass were caused by motorists driving on the wrong side of the road instead of using the available turning points.

We have provided U-turns and road signages to guide motorists as they drive along the entire road corridor.

“The majority of accidents that have happened along the bypass are due to motorists who are driving on the wrong side instead of using the provided U-turns,” KURA revealed.

The authority further warned that its enforcement team is on the ground to deal with any cases of motorists flouting traffic rules.

Please note, that our enforcement team is on the ground to deal with anyone who violates the traffic rules.

KURA also said once the construction work is complete, the road will be marked, get fitted with street lights and footbridges.

“Once complete the road will have street lights, Road marking, and footbridges. We urge your cooperation as we endeavour to provide Enhanced Urban Mobility,” KURA said.

The Eastern Bypass has been undergoing an expansion project that saw the road transform into a dual carriageway to ease the traffic along the road.