The Jubilee Party Secretary General Jeremiah Kioni has accused the United Democratic Party of allegedly rigging the election in 33 constituencies in the Mount Kenya region.

Kioni in a statement issued on Thursday alleged the ‘Yellow Wave’ signifying the Kenya Kwanza Alliance dominance in such regions as Bungoma Taita Taveta, Kisii and Mount Kenya was not genuine.

“For the record, let all and sundry know there was no “YELLOW WAVE” in the Mt. Kenya region including other regions like Bungoma, Taita Taveta, Kisii. These claims are far from the truth. There was no infrasound of the so called wave, they say even dogs can smell a tsunami coming,” the statement read in part

Kioni claimed there was an elaborate rigging scheme in the 33 constituencies in the Mt Kenya region in the elections.

“It is with great concern that the electoral process was highly compromised. We have learnt of massive subtle rigging scheme that took place in the 33 constituencies of Mt. Kenya for the parliamentary elections,” Kioni said.

Kioni further claimed their agents informed them of election malpractices which ranged from voter bribery to mishandling of Azimio la Umoja One Kenya coalition agents by president officers.

“This has been informed by the reports from our agents on voter bribery, voter intimidation, displaying of UDA campaign materials within the precincts of polling centers, mishandling of Jubilee Party and AZIMIO Party agents by the presiding officers by denying them access to the polling stations on time, the agents found the tamper-proof envelopes containing the seals and stamps unsealed, the voter turnout in the KIEMS kits did not tally with number of used ballot paper counter foils, lack of clarity on voter verification where the KIEMS kits failed,” the statement read in part.

“It is unbelievable, that a candidate would lose in all polling stations, including where they vote.”

Kioni said their next move will be made known in the coming days.