Kenyans have heaved a sigh of relief at the announcement that the price of 'unga' has been capped at Sh100 per 2kg packet across the country.

This comes after President Uhuru Kenyatta announced the government's move to avert the prevailing crisis that the country is currently experiencing.

Uhuru announced the 5th stimulus package, which focuses on food subsidies on Wednesday, aiming to cushion vulnerable households against the harsh economic times.

Therefore, the president announced that the price of maize flour across the country shall be Sh100 for a 2-kilogram packet.

"Effective immediately, maize flour shall retail across the entire territory of the Republic of Kenya at the price of Sh100 down from Sh210 for a 2kg packet, until otherwise directed," Uhuru said.

This follows another similar announcement by the Agriculture Ministry on Monday, which also focused on the price of maize.

However, retailers still sold maize flour at high prices because the Ministry of Agriculture failed to agree with millers on a new proposal, which would see the price of maize reduced for a period of a month.

The president's announcement finally puts the matter to rest and Kenyans can now