United Democratic Alliance (UDA) presidential candidate William Ruto on Wednesday lost his cool in public and lashed out a supposed heckler during a rally in Vihiga County.

His ire went up after one person in the crowd started hecklling him while he was addressing the crowd, prompting him to lose his cool and cut his address to tackle the person head-on.

It remains unclear what the subject of his open anger shouted at him that made the DP to lose his cool and react the way he did, in an incident that has been the subject of debate online for the better part of the day.

"Wewe kijana, wacha kunijibu. Unanijibu kama nani?" he barked at the person in the crowd.  

He went on angrily, "Kama umeleta kisirani kwa hii mkutano utoke!"

The video clip has elicited mixed reactions from members of the public on social media.

A section of the members who came across the video defended Ruto's move to eject the heckler from the meeting saying it proves he takes charge of his meetings and that is how he will take charge of the country if he becomes the president.

However, another section criticised him saying it was not in order for a national leader of his stature to lose his temper over trivial issues such as that one.

Here are a few of the reactions:

This comes amid a bitter exchange between Ruto and CS Eugene Wamalwa after the DP made remarks that seemed to demean him for claiming Ruto almost slapped him some years back, allegations the second in command has denied vehemently.