Content creator Joe Ben Nyokabi who has become popular by making a viral video mimicking the Azimio la Umoja One Kenya Coalition presidential running mate Martha Karua has finally met the politician.

Controversial activist Boniface Mwangi revealed through his social media account that Nyokabi met Karua on Friday morning during a video shoot.

“This morning incoming Deputy President of Kenya @MarthaKarua met with @NyokabiJoe who made the now-famous haroooo video,” Mwangi said. 

Martha Karua and Joe Ben Nyokabi. PHOTO/BONIFACE MWANGI

According to Mwangi’s tweet, Nyokabi, a jobless young man with rent arrears, made the famous ‘harooo’ TikTok video a week ago only looking forward to getting 10 views. 

However, much to his surprise, the video in which Nyokabi mimicked Karua in some of the most popular elements went viral and garnered over 764,000 views.

“Harooo…Asimio…Raira ni msarendo,” goes a phrase from his video.

With that kind of viewership, Nyokabi’s friends assumed he made lots of cash from his video.

“As of this morning @NyokabiJoe didn’t have a job and had rent arrears. He says he did the harooo TikTok video hoping to get 10 views but to his surprise, it went viral. He didn’t get any pay but his friends thought he had ‘made it!’ Today, his life changed thanks to @MarthaKarua,” Mwangi tweeted.

During the video shoot, Martha is seen imparting some of her lingual prowess to the young man in her native language.

The young man was beside himself with joy as he posed for a few photographs with Karua and one could easily tell they were both enjoying the moment.