A 17-year-old form four student at St. Patrick’s Education Centre in Kasarani, Nairobi named Elijah Magambi successfully lured a bolt driver to his death on February 11, 2022.

According to police report, Magambi confessed to killing 40-year-old Stephen Kimani with the help of another 22-year-old accomplice named Maxwel Nyangoya.

“He (Magambi) confessed to killing Kimani jointly with another suspect. He led the officers to a thicket in Kipranya village, where they dumped the body,” the police report read.

According to Mugambi’s confession, he hailed Kimani’s taxi for a purported long-distance job in Kisii County.

Magambi told Kimani that he had a patient at Kisii Teaching and Referral Hospital who needed to be transferred to Kenyatta National Hospital for further treatment.

The two negotiated for the price of the entire trip and settled on Sh30,000. That was a good amount for an offline deal and without further probing, the duo embarked on the journey destined for Kisii at midnight on February 1, 2022.

Magambi alerted Nyangoya that they were already on their way and the duo arrived at Kisii Teaching and Referral Hospital by 9 am the following day.

Kimani’s client (Nyagoya) pretended to call a relative to inform them of the taxi’s arrival while Kimani and Magambi had their breakfast.

Nyangoya would later inform Kimani and Magambi that the person who was supposed to pay for the taxi money was in Kericho town therefore they had to wait until they came.

The trio waited until it was late, but the person never arrived. This made Magambi and Nyangoya convince Kimani to drive to Kericho to get paid Sh15,000 as a portion of the deal.

Without raising an eyebrow, Kimani and the two ‘friendly’ customers sped off towards Kericho.

However, along the way, Magambi and Nyangowa turned against Kimani and stabbed Kimani in the neck and stomach when they reached some 500 metres from River Sondu Miriu on the border with Buret Sub-County.

After killing Kimani, the duo disposed of his body in a thicket, at a place called Kipranya in Belgut, Kericho County. Kimani’s body was found with a deep stab wound in the stomach and injuries on other parts of his body.

Police also recovered the registration number of Kimani’s car, which apparently his assailants wanted to sell but could not offload it, forcing Magambi to drive it home before returning to Nairobi.

The vehicle was retrieved from one Geoffrey Manyara’s compound. Manyara who is Magambi’s father was also arrested.

Crime Research and Intelligence Bureau (CRIB) and Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) detectives would later trace Magambi and his accomplice by their mobile phones.

Magambi was arrested on March 18, 2022, from his friend’s hostel at Kenyatta University where he was being hosted.

The two will face murder, robbery with violence and abduction charges.