A serious wildfire fire broke out and razed down a section of Aberdare National Park.

The fire mainly affected the moorlands of the Northern Aberdares and the Ngobobo area of Eburru Forest.

According to Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) the fire broke out on Saturday night.

The fire spread faster because of strong winds that blew on that fateful night.

Rangers from KWS, Kenya Forest Service and volunteers from the surrounding communities tried to fight the raging fire, which has been going on for over 24 hours.


A charitable conservancy named Rhino Ark deployed additional firefighters and a surveillance unit in a helicopter who conducted an aerial recce and reported improvement.

Rhino Ark deployed 35 trained firefighters on Monday morning to help contain the fire on the southern fire line.

The cause of the fire is however yet to be established.

Queen Elizabeth II, then a princess on a visit to Kenya, received news of her father’s death while staying at the Treetops Hotel, a game-watching lodge built high into a tree in the Aberdare forest.

Queen Elizabeth II, the late Prince Phillip and their guide. PHOTO/COURTESY