Almost half of Huduma Centres across the country are on the verge of closure because of being in rent areas.

Over Sh1.7 billion has not been paid to the Postal Corporation of Kenya, which houses the Huduma Centres in question.

The Postal Corporation of Kenya now demands payment of the areas as the Public Service Principal Secretary Mary Kimonye told the Parliamentary Committee on Administration and National Security.

"Posta is demanding Sh1.7 billion in rent arrears that have accumulated for hosting the Huduma Centers," Kimonye said.

Kimonye revealed Posta has already started evicting some Huduma Centres, which is a situation that compromises government data.

She also told the committee that Posta has also started renting out its facilities to retail Kiosks, which pose further risk to the government’s data.

“The Postal Corporation of Kenya is licensing kiosks in their premises around the Huduma Centers, hence posing a huge threat of compromising crucial government data,” she said.

Kimonye suggested that in the coming budget, the parliament should allocate more funds to the Public Service Ministry.

This, she said would allow them to acquire the said premises or other government-owned facilities.