The Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) has developed guidelines for addressing stolen and illegal ICT devices in the country to prevent their use on public communication networks in the country.

The Authority has submitted the guidelines for public consultation with respect to the technical operational and consumer issues that may arise in the implementation of the guidelines.

CA has invited all stakeholders including the general public and all interested parties to review the proposed guidelines and suggestions

“Stakeholders, including the general public, and all interested parties, are invited to review the proposed Guidelines for Addressing Counterfeit, Stolen and Illegal ICT Devices in Kenya (December 2021) and provide any suggestion(s) with justification(s), views and inputs in enhancing their implementation,” the notice read.

According to the CA notice, the guidelines are available on its website and stakeholders and interested parties have until January 27, 2002 to submit their comments and inputs.

“Stakeholders, interested parties and the public have until 27th January 2022 to submit their inputs and comments which will inform any changes to the final guidelines for addressing counterfeit, stolen and illegal ICT devices in Kenya (December 2021),” the notice read in part.

Thousands of Kenyans have lost their expensive communication gadgets to criminals who circulate the same back to the market at throw away prices.

A great number of Kenyans have lost valuable information and data on those gadgets that have affected their productivities while some have lost their jobs as a result.

The move by CA will hopefully minimize cases of communication theft in the country.