Misunderstanding between the office of the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) Noordin Haji and the Director of Criminal Investigation (DCI) George Kinoti has turned sour after Haji insisted government officers keen to counter his responsibilities won't intimidate him.

Haji has pointed a finger at Kinoti for failing to prosecute corruption cases worth billions of shillings and warned him of going against the law by taking up duties belonging to other government departments.

“Each partner’s role is equally important, however, the image created in recent times reveals that of national tension, due to the trend of overstepping the boundaries of each as stipulated in the Constitution no one should overstep their mandate,” Haji said.

Haji has noted that he will not give up in the fight against crime in the country despite the differences between his office and that of Kinoti.

"Despite the differences among ourselves, we must encourage dialogue and we will not be cowed. Some of us have served in the frontline in Somalia fighting al Shabab,'' Haji said.

He has however asserted that he will carry out his duties as stipulated in the constitution by putting aside unnecessary arguments in ensuring justice.

“I will not become the cheetah in the animal kingdom that keeps on telling the donkey and insisting the grass is blue, l will stand and be guided by the Constitution since we all know the grass is green,” he said.

Haji made the remarks during the launch of the National Council on the Administration of Justice(NCAJ) Strategic plan.

However, he said that some of the partners who have tirelessly worked with him have continued to overstep the duties of others with an intention not to eliminate crime in the country.