ODM leader Raila Odinga has praised the role that Kirinyaga County played during the struggle for independence in Kenya.

Speaking at Wang'uru Stadium, Odinga said we celebrate freedom fighters who liberated our country from the hands of the British Army.

Odinga also revealed that not many Kenyans know that Mama Ngina Kenyatta was a freedom fighter and a detainee during the colonial era.

"We celebrate our freedom fighters were true heroes who liberated our country from the might of the British army. Not many people know mama Ngina Kenyatta was a political detainee. The region played a key role in fighting for liberation," said Raila.

Odinga also termed the Chief Justice, Martha Karua, Governor Ann Waiguru, Njoya, Gitari, Kenneth Matiba, and Mwai Kibaki as heroes and heroines.

 Taking a swipe at his doubters, Baba said when he decided to say Kibaki Tosha ni 2002, many people thought he was finished politically and no one can vote for a Kikuyu.

He reiterated many Luos voted for Kibaki without considering his tribe and he is still a friend with the people of Mount Kenya.

"When I said Kibaki Tosha, people thought am finished politically, that no one can vote for a Kikuyu. 98 per cent of Luos voted for Kibaki. Raila Odinga is a friend of the mountain," said Raila.