Kenyan defence Cabinet Secretary Monicah Juma has officially presented her candidature for the position of Commonwealth Secretary-General as the country seeks to secure a seat in a 54 member political association.

In a statement, Juma has appealed for consideration by the heads of government from the commonwealth states following the meeting.

“I met the High Commissioners and representatives of Commonwealth nations in London, United Kingdom and presented my candidature for the position of Secretary-General of Commonwealth,” said Monicah.

She used the meeting to request favourable consideration and endorsements from different heads of state.

On August 31, Kenya started off its campaign for the seat following the nomination of Juma by President Kenyatta.

On her nominations, Juma was presented before the diplomats of the member states of the Commonwealth in Nairobi, making other East African nations begin their interests in the seat.

Voting will start in October or March 2022.

Patricia Scotland QC is the 6th Commonwealth Secretary-General and has been in that position since April 1, 2016.

The holders serve for four years, which is renewable only once.