The World Food Programme (WFP) is likele to cease its supply of food rations to over 440,000 refugees in Kenya. WFP cited severe funding inadequacy as reason for the move.

WFP has not been providing full ration to refugees since 2018 forcing the program to reduce its supply of rations from eighty per cent to sixty per cent. 

The United Nations programme issued a statement warning that finally it may be forced to cease assistance by the end of 2021 unless quick remedy to the situation is found.

According to WFP Country Director Lauren Landis, they are Sh4.5 billion urgently to restore supply of food rations to refugeees in Kakuma, Kalobeyei and Dadaab camps over the coming six months.

“Cutting food assistance to already highly vulnerable families is a heart-breaking decision to have to make – more so with a national drought emergency declared by the government recently. Low funding levels have left WFP no choice, this is the absolute last resort,” said Landis.

The WFP acknowledges there are complex situations  across the world ocassioned by the COVID-19 pandemic, conflicts in different parts of the world and clomate change. 

However, WPF says refugees in Kenya are in dire need of assistance and stability as the country and the international community are looking for viable solutions.