The family of former senator Lucy Gichuhi has no option but to settle for burying their daughter in Australia.

The Kenyan-born Australian ex-senator’s family opened a GoFundMe page seeking financial assistance from well-wishers to help raise Sh3.3 million to bring back the remains of their 33-year-old daughter Peris Wanjiru who passed away a month ago.

However, the family did not disclose publicly her cause of death.

According to GoFundMe page, the family wanted to repatriate Wanjiru’s remains to her motherland and give their kin a decent send-of.

“It is the desire of the family to give her a befitting send-off by repatriating the remains to her motherland Kenya,” wrote GoFundMe.

The family only managed to raise Sh41,000 by the close of the page.

Wanjiru is set to be buried next Monday in Adelaide, Australia.

A church service will be conducted on the September 27, 2021, at Influencers (Paradise) Church before the burial at Centennial Park Adelaide in South Australia.