The Deputy President William Ruto has reiterated that he will not quit government despite mounting calls for him to resign by a section of politicians.

Ruto was speaking at a church gathering where he also said he would not cower into quitting the government by minor challenges.

He said quitting the government because of small political hiccups would be a betrayal to all the citizens who woke up early to vote for him and his boss President Uhuru Kenyatta.

He also said downgrading his security is not an issue and should need arise to redeploy the AP officers who replaced the GSU security guards at his homes, he had no problem.

Ruto also said he had no problem with the replacement GSU security detail at his homes with APs. He said he is comfortable even with G4S security guards should need arise to redeploy the AP security detail he was given.

At the same gathering, Nakuru Senator Susan Kihika took a swipe at the Inspector General of police. 

Kihika said the IG was the most incompetent IG the country has ever had. She also said the IG was a joke and playing with fire while at it.

“Mr. IG, you are the most incompetent IG the republic of Kenya has ever had. You are a joke. You are playing with fire. You are playing with matches and we shall not stand by as you continue with this nonsense,” said Kihika.

That was the first time when the DP responded to Uhuru’s dare to quit the government if he felt staying in government was no longer tenable.