Deputy President William Ruto has finally spoken about the Monday incident that saw him miss his trip to Uganda.

Ruto was speaking to a local radio station where he blamed his tribulations on the handshake between his boss President Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM leader Raila Odinga.

He claims he has been targeted and there are efforts to humiliate and belittle him in the government ranks as he has been sidelined on various occasions.

Ruto and his entourage, that included political leaders allied to him were stopped from flying to Entebbe from Wilson Airport until they got clearance.

His entourage was cleared to proceed to Uganda while Ruto could not obtain the clearance from his boss.

Sources claimed that the presence of a Turkish national linked to terrorism Harun Aydin caught the government’s attention and affected Ruto’s itinerary.

Ruto claimed his barring from going to Uganda was just a ploy to make him look bad and he left that at the hands of God.

"Haya mambo yote nimeyakataa. Hata hiyo kunizuia Wilson ni kuniweka hali ya kubishana nao. Mimi nimewawachia Mungu” he said.

It emerged that state officials were allegedly acting on direct and new orders from State House that the DP requires written permission before travelling outside the country.

Ruto lamented that for the past four years, people have accused him of disrespecting and competing with his boss, accusations that he vehemently denied.

The relationship between Ruto and Uhuru has turned cold, with Ruto accusing Uhuru of undermining him.

This comes as the country is headed for the general election where it was generally assumed that the Uhuru would be drumming up support for Ruto to become his successor.