Shock struck residents of Kampi ya Samaki village in Baringo County after a huge python made a visit to its owner’s grave two days after he passed away.

The snake is reported to have appeared at the compound of the late William Ewoi who was buried on Thursday, July, 8 and made several trips at his house before moving to his grave and took a test there for some time.

The residents who came in large numbers to witness the startling incident were shocked as the snake was too engrossed to find its master that it never took a run over noises from the crowd.

While speaking to a local media outlet, the family said the appearance of the snake symbolizes more blessings to them.

They added the snake came to pay Ewoi its last respects and thank him for protecting it while he was alive.

“The old man loved snakes, you see these snakes went directly to his grave, we used to take it that away, he also said when he will be gone the snake will surely come,” family members said.

Adding on, his son Vincent Ewoi revealed he is happy seeing the snake as he feels his father's presence, noting that the dad had told them about the snake’s appearance after his death.

Vincent went ahead, dismissing any rumours that his father used the snake for witchcraft, noting that his father was passionate about reptiles since time immemorial.

“It did not go to anybody, it went straight to his grave and from its person, it went to the house. You can't say that this is witchcraft, is there any witchcraft that looks like that?” posed a neighbour.

The young man further noted that the 86-year-old departed dad always collected the snakes, extracted the snakes' venom and later on sold it locally and internationally.

He said that his departed father used to eke a living from the snakes as he showcased them to tourists who visited Lake Baringo.

His wife Esther Ewoi, who treats snake bites, said that they would not harm the snake and would continue keeping it and respecting it.

William was a well know snake handler who spent his entire life herping snakes and extracting their venom from them.

He took the career after he fell a victim to a snake bite.

Due to his courage and professionalism in herping and collecting the snakes' venom, he was honoured by the National Museums of Kenya and named gifted collector of reptiles.