Law Society of Kenya President Nelson Havi has vowed to file a petition at the National Assembly to push for the ejection of Judicial Service Commission (JSC) commissioners.

Havi threatened to push for the removal from office of the JSC commissioners if it fails to release scores attained by the 10 interviewees who applied to become Chief Justice.

“Failure or refusal to accord this request will compel the initiation of a petition to the National Assembly for the removal of all the commissioners of JSC,’’ read Havi’s statement.

Havi said it was crucial for JSC to make public the scorecard of all candidates before the National Assembly approves nomination of Lady Justice Martha Koome for Chief Justice.

The LSK president alleged that JSC misrepresented the scores attained by one of the candidates who had been interviewed for the CJ post leading to them picking Koome as the winner.

He termed the selection process shambolic, claiming interference in the decision-making by the commissioners.

“In absence of a marking scheme or scorecard upon with each candidate is asserted, the credibility of scores given to individual candidates and skewed in favour of one is an issue that cannot be overlooked,” Havi.

He said complaints raised by one of the CJ candidates that his interview results had been interfered with by 4 commissioners before JSC announced the outcome were valid.

Havi further alleged the Court of Appeal’s decision to lift an order suspending the CJ selection process was suspiciously coordinated with the JSC announcement of Koome choice on Tuesday.

He maintain that Justice Koome is not suitable for the office of Chief Justice due to a decision she made at the Appellate Court suspending a High Court decision on the 2017 election.