City jeweler Nagin Pattni, real name Shri Nagindas Gordhandas Challa, has died in Nairobi.

The founder of the popular jewelry shop, Nagin Pattni, who is a specialist in real yellow gold and silver rings, passed on at the age of 83 on Friday.

Pattni’s family announced the patriarch’s demise in a statement, terming him a great soul that brought a smile to all and touched many lives.

His family says he founded the Nagin Pattni company and ran it to where it currently is through sheer hard work and honesty.

Pattni, who specialised in selling engagement and wedding rings for more than 40 years, perceived marriages in very high regard.

“A wedding is a big occasion for the couple. For the bride, it is a milestone and the ring slipping down her finger means everything. She may forget other aspects of the ceremony, but the ring is a constant reminder that there was a wedding,” he told a local daily in a past interview.