The British Army has launched an investigation after five elephants were reported to have been killed in fires ignited by UK soldiers who were training in Laikipia County in Kenya.

The British High Commission in Kenya confirmed the investigation in a tweet on Friday as the fierce fires continued to consume more than 8,000 acres of the Lolldaiga training area.

Lolldaiga, Laikipia fire. PHOTO/COURTESY

British Army Training Unit in Kenya (BATUK) said all military training exercises had been suspended to allow for emergency efforts to put out the fast spreading bush fire.

The High Commission said 350 troops, 3 choppers, a crop-sprayer aircraft and 4 water tanker trucks have been deployed to fight the fire that was still raging Friday evening.

Kenyan and UK soldiers at the scene. PHOTO/COURTESY

The British Army is also investigating some of its soldiers who posted about the fire incident on social media, with one seemingly making light of the situation.