Kenyans have expressed outrage after photos emerged of more than 10 MPs, who have travelled to Dubai, UAE for a training of managing public finances during a pandemic.

The photos were shared on Tuesday by Nyali MP Mohammed Ali on Twitter, capturing the MPs attending a ‘Masterclass training in public financial management and administration’.

“Dubai - With other Members of Parliament Attending Masterclass training in public financial management and administration,” the coast legislators tweeted excitedly.

However, the MP, Nairobi Woman Rep Esther Passaris and others received a bashing from Kenyans on social media, led by hospitality guru Mohamed Hersi, who wondered why they did not use local facilities.

Kenyans wondered why they would spend millions of taxpayers’ shillings to fly first class to Dubai for a training supposedly meant to teach them prudent financial management skills.

Judging from past foreign trips by Kenyan MPs, the more than 10 in the UAE must have pocketed hundreds of thousands of shillings in per diem for the one week they have already spent there, at a time Kenya is grappling with a fresh Covid-19 surge and empty coffers.

For example, when six MPs traveled to Britain in 2019, each received Sh110,800 per day for a total of five days spent there to learn how the House there looks after Parliamentarians.

The lawmakers from across the political divide are being accused of self-seeking when other Kenyans are grappling with Covid-19, high fuel prices and resultant effect on food prices.