Kenya’s independence political party KANU has withdrawn from the looming by-election in London Ward in Nakuru County.

In a statement, KANU said it had opted out of the MCA race and withdrawn its candidate in favour of the ruling Jubilee candidate.

The party chaired by Baringo Senator Gideon Moi said the move was informed by a post-election pact it signed with Jubilee Party.

“As is publicly known, KANU entered into a post-election coalition agreement with Jubilee as part of its commitment to forge unity of purpose and deepen political cooperation for the benefit of our people,” the statement read in part.

It added, “Indeed, as a party, we have witnessed immense benefits from this cooperation while at the same time assisted the government in moving forward and accelerating its development agenda within the legislative framework and other arms of government.”

KANU said the coalition agreement was also aimed at promoting the object of the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) as well as fast-tracking the reform agenda captured in that initiative.  

"And because we have never veered off this path, we will continue to extend and reciprocate such acts of goodwill to ensure that both parties reap maximum benefit from this engagement.  

"Therefore, this withdrawal gesture is anchored on the spirit of this coalition agreement and in realization that our candidature may jeopardise the imminent victory of the Jubilee candidate." 

So, KANU said it will now campaign for the candidature of Francis Njoroge of Jubilee Party in the remaining period assuring him of the party's full backing.  

We have since discussed and agreed with our candidate, Mr. Joseph Njuguna alias Kimani Wa Kimani on his withdrawal and he has further accepted fully to back the Jubilee candidate.

in the statement signed by the party's Secretary General Nick Salat, KANU expressed confidence Jubilee Party will clinch the London Ward MCA’s seat in the coming by-election.