Lawyers representing Mike Sonko on Friday told a Nairobi court that the former Nairobi Governor needs to travel to South Africa for a surgery on his hip for an undisclosed ailment.

Sonko’s lawyers told the court that his doctor in Nairobi had recommended that he be flied out to South Africa to undergo a hip replacement operation.

His legal team appeared in court on his behalf saying the former county boss was too sick to appear in person.

This comes as two people who were his co-accused in a terrorism case were freed by the court without any conditions after the State Prosecutor failed to introduce charges against them.

They were released after the court rejected a bid by the prosecution to be given more to prefer the terror related charges against them.

Sonko is still admitted at a city hospital under tight security before he faces terror charges that were suspended to give him time to seek medical attention.

The former governor has accused the state at the High Court of malicious prosecution, claiming the government was plotting to use a criminal case against that was dismissed in 1998.