Parliament Thursday blasted President Uhuru Kenyatta’s government for going ahead and posting Mwende Mwinzi as Kenya’s ambassador to South Korea despite MPs rejecting the move.

The Members of Parliament were irked after reports emerged that Mwinzi had already assumed office in Seoul despite her dual citizenship issued not being fully addressed.

Mosop lawmaker Vincent Tuwei called on House Speaker Justin Muturi to issue a direction on the matter and even suggesting that the National Assembly blocks funding to Seoul embassy.


Sentiments echoed by his Rarieda counterpart Otiende Amolo, seeking that the August House declares that the appointment was in contempt of Parliament and be addressed urgently.

Otiende faulted a decision by the court which indicated that Mwinzi could not be forced to renounce her US citizenship gotten by birth in order to be appointed to the state post.

“There can be no other way around it. If the House rejects, there is no other legal process where one can end up being appointed,” said Otiende.

MPs are expected to debate a report by the implementation committee on Tuesday next week after they rejected Mwinzi’s appointment demanding she renounces her US citizenship first.

Mwinzi was appointed as Kenya’s envoy to South Korea in May 2020 but challenged the move by the MPs to force her to renounce her US citizenship arguing that her loyalty would be split.