Former Nairobi Deputy Governor Jonathan Mueke on Wednesday got more than he bargained for after offering unsolicited advice on how he would have used Sh4.5 billion MCAs got in car grants.

In his post on Twitter in reaction to the grants awarded on Tuesday, Mueke said he would give 450,000 youth Sh10,000 each in seed money to start a small business if he controlled the cash.

“If I controlled Sh4.5bn taxpayers money, I would give 450,000 youth Sh10,000 each seed money to start a small business. In a few years at least 100,000 of these businesses will have grown, employed other youth & be paying taxes back to government,” he posted.

However, the youth on social media were not amused and fact-checked him by educating him on the current economic situation in Kenya and reality of just what Sh10,000 can do or not do.

Here are some of the sentiments:

Mueke served under former Governor Evans Kideroand the duo has been widely faulted by the youth in the capital city for doing little to uplift their lives and livelihoods ro to even make licensing easier and cheaper for them to conduct their small businesses. 

His remarks come a day after the Salaries and Remunerations Commission (SRC) approved Sh4.5 billion as car grants for Members of the County Assemblies (MCAs) following a promise made by President Uhuru Kenyatta in exchange for them passing the BBI Bill.