Inspector General of Police Hilary Mutyambai has warned boda boda operators in Kenya against an emerging culture of impunity, lawlessness and threatening the security of other road users.

Mutyambai, in a notice issued on Thursday, warned motorcycle operators amid increased cases in which boda boda riders involved in accidents assault and even burn cars of other road users no regard for the country's laws and who is on the wrong.

They have been cautioned against breaking the law and NPS warns of stringent measures against individual riders if they violate traffic rules and laws of public order and decency.

The IG had ordered all police officers to take immediate and necessary legal action against any boda boda rider who will be found to be taking the law into their own hands henceforth.

He added that the NPS will map out all the hotspots where incidence of the boda boda riders threatening the lives of others and conduct a major operation to finally deal with the menace.

Mutyambai has asked the operators in the motorcycle public transport sector to collaborate with the police to return safety, security and order the crucial transport sub-sector.

According to the Motorcycle Assemblers Association of Kenya (MAAK), Kenya had about 600,000 commercial motorcycles in 2019 with an annual turnover estimated at Sh219 billion.