Mombasa-based motor vehicle sales intermediary Alasiri Motors has notified its customers that it will no longer transact any business with any persons aligning themselves with the ideas of the LGBT Community.

Alasiri Motors took to its social media account to pass the message across.

According to Alasiri Motors, they are merely upholding their Islamic belief and obeying the country’s law.

“In line with criminalization of same-sex conduct under articles 162 and 165 of the penal code in Kenya, we wish to notify customers that we do not support & will not be party to Business transactions with any individual(s) aligning themselves to ideas of #LGBT Community,” Alasiri Motors said.

“We remain committed to our customers' needs. This has to be done in a manner that represents & upholds the laws of Nature & of the Almighty creator. All this is in line with our Islamic Belief that Man & Woman were created for each other.”

Alasiri Motors also said they will adopt the same model Qatar used during the 2022 FIFA World Cup tournament.

Qatar banned same-sex relationships, which caused a tremendous uproar.

"The ongoing #FIFAWorldCup has been a success all - together considering the huge uproar against Qatar banning Same-sex relations in Qatar," Alasiri Motors said.

"We are in line to adopt the same line of thought having been guided by Kenyan Law & Islamic Principles."