The National Police Service (NPS) has addressed the viral video that surfaced on social media in which a man believed to be the owner of Rixxos Lounge in Kitengela was harassing and threatening a female employee.

According to the video, a female employee who was not captured in could be heard demanding her dues from the man identified in the audio as Jamo, a short form of the name James.

“So I am here for my salary then you want to hit me…then go on and hit me…noo acha maneno ya kunifinyafinya uso…you want to hit me,” the lady said.

Jemo is captured in the video, threatening to assault the lady and telling her he was not going to pay her.

While hurling unprintable insults at the lady, he also bragged about being an important person and said there was nothing the lady could do about it as he spoke directly to the president.

As he blatantly told the lady he would not pay her, the could be seen showing the lady his call log that allegedly showed how frequently he spoke with the president.

“I’m not paying you…I’m not paying you…Idiot! You think you can you can take me anywhere."

He also threatened to implicate the lady in a different case, and she would have to beg him.

There's nowhere you can take me; my friend we people talk to the president direct!" James said.

In the statement issued by the AG Inspector General of police Noor Gabow NPS acknowledged the video and termed the incident distasteful. 

“The National Police Service has taken note of a distasteful video clip circulating on the social media showing a man alleged to be the owner of Rixxos Lounge in Kitengela harassing and threating a female employee demanding her unpaid salary,” NPS statement read.

The acting IG also confirmed that the NPS has launched a probe into the incident and urged the lady in the video to file a formal complaint at any police station.

“In accordance with the National Police Service mandate to serve and protect all citizens, we have commenced our investigation into the matter. Meanwhile, we are urging the lady in the video to file a formal complaint at any police station to enable the police take the most appropriate legal action into the matter,” Gabow said.

By Thursday evening, police officers had already visited the establishment and began their investigations.