President William Ruto has officially launched the much-anticipated election promise, the Hustler Fund.

Ruto launched the fund on Wednesday in a colourful ceremony attended by mainly the younger generation.

The fund that offers four different products including start-up loans, micro loans, SME loans and personal loans will be offered at low-interest rates and has a 14-day repayment period.

While addressing the public during the launch, the president noted about 8 million Kenyans cannot access credit facilities because of negative credit listings.

Ruto urged Kenyans to take advantage of the Hustler Fund but cautioned them against abusing it.

“We have approx. 8 million Kenyans that can’t access credit because of their bad credit history. For every Kenyan locked out of the credit system, the government of Kenya is giving you a second chance. Those who will get a second chance, please do not abuse it,” Ruto said.

According to Ruto, the Hustler Fund is the cheapest in the market at the moment.

“Hustler fund will be 500 times cheaper than the average lender in the market,” he said.

The president said the Hustler Fund replaces the collateral system built around items with one that is based on one’s credit score.

“Today we are replacing the collateral system that has been built around title deeds, logbooks, etc, we are building a collateral system based on credit scoring,” Ruto said.

“They can access credit based on their credit scoring.”

He added that the fund that will equalize all the people of Kenya so that every citizen can know that they matter and they count.

While campaigning ahead of the August 9, 2022, general election, Ruto promised to set up the Hustler Fund for Kenyans.

Eligible Kenyans will be allowed to borrow a minimum of Sh500 and a maximum of Sh50,000 based on their credit score.