Deputy President William Ruto has told off critics who accused him of abdicating duty after he skipped the National Covid-19 Conference on Monday.

DP Ruto indicated that he had not neglected his duties at any point and termed those accusing him of being busybodies.

The second in command was Speaking at his official residence in Karen, Nairobi during a meeting with a host of women leaders and businesswomen.

Ruto said he had served the country diligently and with distinction as President Uhuru Kenyatta’s principal assistant.

“There's no work the president has given me that I have not discharged with distinction,” the DP said.

He added that he had executed all roles and responsibilities assigned to him by President Kenyatta since ascending to office, saying he knows his duties well.

“…and my boss has not complained about my performance”.

He has told off leaders criticising him to stop acting like his supervisors.