The Directorate of Criminal Investigations is mourning the death of the Directorate’s lead creative designer Boniface Muganda.

Mudanda died after a speeding motorist knocked him last night along the northern by-bass at Marurui, near the Ashaki club. 

Muganda, attached to the Corporate Communications & Public Affairs Unit, was headed home on his motorbike when a speeding motorist hit his bike and took off, leaving the officer sprawled on the tarmac metres away from his bike.

According to first responders, who rushed the detective to Kenyatta University hospital following the 9:40 pm incident, Muganda who was groaning in pain, breathed his last at the hospital’s gate, just before doctors could attend to him.

News of Muganda’s demise spread across the closely knit DCI family fast, with detectives from all ranks who could not come to terms with the loss rushing to K.U hospital last night, hoping to find him alive. 

However, they were disappointed to find his cold, lifeless body with no visible injuries lying on a bed in the emergency area.

Muganda was a hardworking, self-driven and dedicated officer who performed his duties outstandingly and got along well with colleagues from across all cadres. 

According to the DCI, Muganda was a gifted Communications Officer whose skills in photography, videography and graphics design propelled him to head the creative design desk at the DCI’s Comms unit.

The detective who has previously served at the forensic photographic and acoustics unit was the creative artist behind the latest edition of the DCI Magazine among other assignments, including the coverage of Mashujaa day celebrations at Uhuru gardens on Thursday. 

“The cruel hand of death has robbed the Directorate of a dedicated and gifted officer whose services will be greatly missed especially by his colleagues at the Corporate Communications & Public Affairs Unit,” the DCI said in a statement.

The DCI detectives have already begun investigations into Muganda’s death and promise it is only a matter of time before detectives catch up with the driver who is on the run as they appeal to motorists to be mindful and courteous to other road users.

“Meanwhile, we appeal to all motorists to be mindful and courteous to other road users to avoid such accidents,” the DCI said.