The National Police Service (NPS) has condemned the actions of the National Transports and Safety Authority (NTSA) officers who appeared on a viral video engaging a motorist in a chase on the busy Nairobi-Nakuru highway.

The green NTSA vehicle in the video is seen blocking the private car from overtaking it and gesturing for the driver to stop.

However, the driver defied the orders and continued to drive along and even tried to overtake the NTSA patrol vehicle from the wrong side.

NPS acknowledged the incident in a statement issued via their Twitter account while noting it is the responsibility of all road users including law enforcement officers to promote road safety 

“Attention of NPS is drawn to a clip in which a law enforcement patrol vehicle performing traffic duties is seen in a hot pursuit chase of a private saloon car,” NPS said. 

“We acknowledge that the essence of road safety is to promote sanity and responsibility whilst on public roads, and this is a basic expectation placed on all motorists and road users, police included.”

The NPS condemned the behaviour and disclosed that they are reviewing the incident, intending to take corrective measures.

“As we continue to review the incident for corrective action, we condemn the irresponsible behaviour,” NPS said.

NPS further reiterated that all motorists should at all times adhere to the rule of law to ensure their safety while on the road.