Nairobi Senator Edwin Sifuna has said Aisha Jumwa and Moses Kuria, who got nominated for cabinet secretary positions by President William Ruto are unfit to serve in the cabinet.

Sifuna said that on Thursday during an interview on a local TV station where he claimed Jumwa and Kuria lack a high standard of correct moral behaviour to occupy any cabinet officers.


Sifuna said the president acknowledges if Azimio la Umoja One Kenya coalition legislators have control of the house committees Jumwa and Kuria cannot become cabinet secretaries.

"You have seen the names the President has put forward for his cabinet. He knows that if we have control of those committees, there are names that I have already proclaimed cannot be Cabinet Secretaries in this republic like Aisha Jumwa and Moses Kuria. They don't have the moral probity to be Cabinet Secretaries," Sifuna said.

While casting aspersions on Jumwa, Sifuna noted he knew Jumwa only too well from his days as a Secretary General and claimed she had lacked the ability to even articulate her issues when she was Malindi MP.

"Aisha Jumwa is incompetent, she cannot do anything. I was her SG for four years. I have the files for all these people. I have her file, I know her education levels, we have seen her capacity as our representative in the Parliamentary Service Commission," the senator said.

"We have seen her ability to even articulate her issues even as the MP for Malindi. She simply is not the material we expect from a CS."

Sifuna also said the duo does not meet the minimum requirements to hold public office as prescribed under Article 73 of the Kenyan Constitution.

"Article 73 of the Constitution is the one that lays out the criteria for the selection and election of people into public office and there are three criteria, Personal Integrity, Competence and Suitability," he said.

The senator further insinuated Kuria could be competent for the position since he has the required educational background and leadership experience but may not be suitable based on his previous public conducts.

He said they will bring the question of Kuria's suitability to hold the office before the vetting committee.


"You can be competent and not suitable. I have no doubt that Moses Kuria is a competent guy because I know he has gone to school, he is able to do things, he's been an MP. But the question of his suitability is a question we will bring before the vetting committee because of his previous conducts and pronouncements against large sections of this republic," the senator said.

Ruto nominated Jumwa and Kuria for the Public Service Gender and Affirmative Action and Trade, Investment and Industry cabinet secretary positions, respectively.