The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) has addressed reports in one daily insinuating that the acting DCI director Hamisi Massa during a meeting told off the deputy president Rigathi Gachagua over investigation style.

The directorate issued a statement on Tuesday via its social media accounts refuting the claims and clarifying that the said remarks did not originate from Massa.

“The DCI's attention is drawn to the headline of one of the daily newspapers insinuating that the Ag Director DCI has told off the DP over investigation style,” the statement read.

"We clarify that the purported sentiments referring to the DP were not obtained from the Ag Director, neither are they his position."

According to the DCI, in a breakfast meeting hosted by the Auditor General, and where various heads of government institutions were invited to deliberate on the implementation mechanisms of parliamentary recommendations on Auditor General's report, Massa while making his remarks clarified the role of the DCI in implementing the recommendations on criminal investigations to be more focused to serve as a deterrence.

“The Ag. Director asserted that, as a professional body with a crucial mandate in the criminal justice system, the DCI investigate serious crime that have far-reaching implication within the country and where the crimes are transnational in nature. That the investigative techniques are intended to secure the credibility of evidence while maintaining the dignity of all involved,” the DCI said.

The DCI maintained Massa neither mentioned nor referred to the Gachagua or any other government officials while giving his remarks.

“This is thus to clarify that at no point did the Ag DCI mention or refer to the DP or any other government official in his remarks, hence the newspaper headline presents a misreported and uncredited position,” the DCI said.