President William Ruto has expressed his commitment to running a transparent, just and fair administration.

Ruto said this on Thursday at the Parliament building during the opening of the thirteenth parliament.

The president affirmed the sovereignty of Kenyans as the decision makes while pledging to lead a just administration.

Ruto also committed to being a loyal, industrious and devoted president to all Kenyans under his administration, which will serve everyone regardless of their affiliations.

“In the process, we affirmed the sovereignty of the people of Kenya as the ultimate decision-makers as envisaged in the constitution,” the President said.

“I promised to lead an administration dedicated to the just and fair government of all Kenyans, in order to deliver a Kenya for everyone. I commit to be the loyal, hard-working, devoted President of every Kenyan, and my administration will serve all, without regard to any distinction, real or imagined.”

The Head of State also promised that service delivery under his administration shall be impartial regardless of political affiliation or voter preference because Kenya is our home and therefore Kenyans should remain united as one strong family.

Ruto appealed to the legislators to support his legislative agenda without being partisan to serve the interest of the voters who elected them into office.

“I want to persuade you that the legislative agenda I stand here to prosecute deserves the bi-partisan support of this House. My administration is pursuing a transformational program that offers a uniquely all-Kenyan moment which calls for unity of purpose in the legislature,” Ruto said.

“We are committed to serving all people, in all wards of each constituency and all counties in every region, throughout the Republic of Kenya. After all, we all serve the same boss: the people, and their sovereign interests are our operating principle and purpose.”

The president further pledged to run a transparent administration which will rely on oversight from the Parliament to ensure the public gets value for their investment.

“I will run an administration that is open, that is transparent, and my administration will rely on oversight from this House to make sure the public gets value for every cent invested in every policy, program and project,” he said.

He asked Parliament to consider a mechanism in the Standing Orders to facilitate Cabinet Secretaries articulating government agenda, explaining policy and answering questions on the floor of the House to enhance executive accountability to the people of Kenya through their elected representatives. 

The president said his administration is committed to the restoration of Parliament in the nation’s democracy by respecting its autonomy and authority.

“On this matter of oversight and holding government accountable, my administration commits to restore place of Parliament in our democracy by respecting the autonomy and oversight authority of Parliament on the executive,” he said.