The Kenya Ports Authority (KPA) has notified its stakeholders that importers’ documentation of place of clearance and mode of transport of their goods shall be at their own choosing

KPA issued the notice dated September 26, 2022, while affirming its commitment to implement President William Ruto’s directive to revert port operations to Mombasa in line with his campaign pledges.

“This is therefore to notify all Shipping Lines that importers' documentation of place of clearance and mode of transport for their goods shall be at their choice,” the notice read.

KPA also advised all shipping lines to facilitate importers’ nomination of place of clearance according to the importers’ choices

“Shipping Lines are hereby advised to facilitate importers' nomination of place of clearance including Port clearance, Kenya Revenue Authority's Licensed Container Freight Stations (CFSS) and Kenya Ports Authority's Inland Container depots,” KPA said.

“This notice supersedes the notice of 6th June 2018 on similar subject.”

Former president Uhuru Kenyatta’s administration in which Ruto was working issued a directive in 2018 that would see clearing and forwarding of goods done at the inland port away from Mombasa.

KPA also issued another directive to have cargo destined for Nairobi and Naivasha transported on the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR).

In 2019, the operations at the Naivasha inland dry port began, tor clearing cargo destined for Uganda, Rwanda, South Sudan and other destinations in the region.

However, when Ruto took office, he reverted Uhuru’s order and directed the clearing and forwarding services back to Mombasa port.