President William Ruto has outlined his plans on the Universal Health coverage plan to the newly elected Kenya Kwanza Alliance legislators.

Ruto outlined the plan, which included taking the elected officials through the plan on Friday during the Kenya Kwanza Alliance Parliamentary Group meeting in Naivasha.

He said the legislators needed to understand what should be done to achieve Universal Health Coverage, which was among the Kenya Kwanza campaign pledges.

“We will be taking you through our universal health coverage plan so that you also understand what we need to do so that we can actualize the commitment we made to the people of Kenya on matters to do with universal health coverage,” Ruto said.

“How are we going to make it Sh300 for the lowest category and how are we going to graduate it so that instead of being a fixed amount people contribute in accordance with their incomes and provide a mechanism where we can carry the majority of Kenyans, work with the people in the informal sector and also make sure that we carry the majority of Kenyans when I say the majority I mean actually everybody and it is good for you to understand?”

The president also appealed to elected members to make necessary adjustments to the law to enable the implementation of the housing plan, which was a part of their Big Four Agenda with former President Uhuru Kenyatta.

He affirmed his commitment to implementing the housing plan, saying it will not only resolve the country’s housing challenge but also create millions of jobs for the youth.

“It will create millions of jobs for our young people. It will sort out for us our challenge of housing. Many people are living in deplorable conditions in slums and other informal settlements. We can give those people a decent house,” Ruto said.