Azimio La Umoja One Kenya coalition party leader Raila Odinga jetted back into Kenya on Thursday after taking a week-long break after the Supreme Court ruled against his favour.

Speaking in Mombasa, Raila explained that he opted to take a break in the Island of Zanzibar accompanied by his family to recuperate after a demanding electioneering period.

"I went to recuperate in the Islands of Zanzibar. I took my wife, children, and grandchildren also to go and heal out of the shock that they got as a family. We came this morning from the Spice island of Zanzibar and that is why we were not able to be with you at the swearing-in,” said Raila.

The ODM party leader was speaking during a luncheon hosted by the new Mombasa Governor Abdulswamad Shariff Nassir after he was sworn in on Thursday afternoon.

Raila renewed his sharp criticism of the electoral body IEBC and faulting the Judiciary, maily the Supreme Court headed by Chief Justice Martha Koome, for its decision to dismiss his petition challenging the outcome of the August 9 presidential poll.

The Azimio presidential candidate termed the judgment of the seven-judge bench "judicial thuggery" days after he indicated that he accepted their decision but did not agree with it.

“Shame on the judiciary of this country. I see them protesting and trying to give threats…we will talk. The constitution of this country gives power to the people of Kenya and those exercising donated power and the judiciary is no exception,” said Raila.

He threatened to lead a one-million man match to the “dictatorial” judiciary to force the judges out of office terming their judgment on the consolidated petition a “bad ruling”.

“We can lead a one million match to the judiciary and say ‘kwendeni nyumbani!’ We have a right to say we don't agree with bad rulings of a Judiciary. It's our constitutional right to say hii ruling ilikua shenzi. It was not based on law. It was judicial thuggery.

“We will not allow the judiciary to become a dictator in this country."