Political digital media strategist Pauline Njoroge on Monday came out strongly to defend President Uhuru Kenyatta against yet another attack by Embakasi East MP Babu Owino.

Babu, in a post on his social media pages, claimed outgoing President Kenyatta had "played" Azimio la Umoja presidential candidate Raila Odinga in the recently concluded election.

In the tweet shared shortly after Uhuru hosted President-Elect William Ruto at State House Nairobi, the ODM MP said Uhuru's body language was cordial despite their long enemity.

"Thank you Uhuru Kenyatta for keeping your word to Ruto. Your body language tells it all. It was a long con," Babu said in the tweet that had been retweeted by more than 1,700 people by 2am on Tuesday.

But he expressed confidence Raila would one day still get a chance to lead Kenya.

"We will still reach where we are going. If we could not hunt with a dog will use a cat," said Babu in a cryptic statement.

However, in a rejoinder, Pauline blasted the former student leader of unfairly targeting the outgoing Head of State, who is also the Azimio La Umoja One Kenya Council chairperson.

Here is Pauline Njoroge’s full response to Babu Owino as published on her Facebook page:

“I have been trying to avoid this topic but after that post by Babu Owino, I am unable to keep quiet. This thing of accusing Uhuru Kenyatta of conmanship is becoming increasingly irritating. This man gave his best to the Azimio campaign.

Under very challenging circumstance in his own backyard, he made very personal sacrifices and delivered to H.E Raila Odinga almost 1 million votes from Mt. Kenya, without even counting GEMA people in diaspora counties who also gave us their votes.

This was unprecedented because Raila has previously received less than 200,000 votes in these areas. What he got in Mt. Kenya this time was more than half of what he got in Luo Nyanza.

There are also significant number of votes in swing counties especially in N.E which Raila got courtesy of Uhuru. Let us also not forget that Kalonzo had totally refused to join Azimio until Uhuru stepped in as the guaranter.

Under Uhuru’s leadership, some of us joined the campaign, worked tirelessly and passionately to deliver for Baba. People like CSs Munya and Yatani were asked to defer their gubernatorial ambitions, so that they could work on consolidating their counties for Baba.

Let me not even mention Jubilee MPs who paid a very heavy price and lost the a lot of support from their constituents. Now, if you want us to start blame and accusation games, we can also accuse those insulting Uhuru from the ODM side of not being serious with giving Baba a win.

We can tell them that as they point one finger at us, 4 fingers are pointing at them. Had Nyanza achieved an 80% turn out, the 200k votes in contention would not be a discussion right now.

The most important legacy of any Head of State is a peaceful handover. H.E Uhuru Kenyatta places the peace and stability of this country above everything else. It is for this reason that he has hosted the incoming president in statehouse today, and it is for the same reason that he will go to Kasarani tomorrow and hand over the mantle of leadership to his successor William Ruto; that is what a statesman does.

We committed to respect the decision of the Supreme Court whether we agreed with it or not. It is now time to heal and move on. It is time to place country above self no matter how we feel about the turn of events.”

This is the second time Babu Owino has insinuated that President Uhuru Kenyatta's ties with Raila and the Azimio La Umoja was part of a ploy to ensure Ruto became the fifth president.

Babu had also, moments before the Supreme Court issued its judgment on Raila's petition, indicated that Raila would remain his leader of choice even after he was allegedly played.