President-elect William Ruto has pledged to deal with cartels once he is sworn in as president.

Ruto said that on Sunday while addressing Meru residents during an interdenominational church service he attended at Maua Stadium, Meru County.

He told miraa trader not to worry because Kenyans have given him the mandate to deal with brokers and cartels.

"Do now worry about that trade and those brokers and cartels should not scare you. You have given me the mandate and I will deal with them," Ruto said to a cheering crowd.

"You know, Jesus one day went to the synagogue and found criminals and cartels like this one in the miraa business in the church selling things in various corners. Jesus took a cane and caned them. So leave these cartels for me."

Ruto said that once he is sworn in as the president on Tuesday and places the bible down, he will deal with the cartels.

"So, leave these cartels to me. Once I place the bible down on Tuesday, I will deal with them," Ruto said.

"Therefore, if there is anybody here, if there is anybody who knows the cartel is your brother or your friend pass this information to them in good we understand each other? Give them a notice. Tell them that guy has said he is coming for you," Ruto said.

The president-elect was speaking against the backdrop of complaints by miraa traders about middlemen, brokers and cartels who are known to choke the business and reap a lot at the expense of farmers and traders.