The Commission’s attention has been drawn to Hon. Junet meeting with the youth on 13th January 2021 and televised in major television stations in the country as well as the local dailies today, casting aspersion and falsehood on the Commission regarding the progress of the BBI Signature verification process.  

In particular, he accused the Commission of “being part of the scheme that is sabotaging  BBI” and that “there was no internet connectivity in Bomas of Kenya on Monday and Tuesday this week which hampers the progress of the signature verification”. 

In response to the above accusations the Commission would like to state that the allegation that the Commission is sabotaging the process is not only unfortunate but also completely false.  

The process of signature verification is part of the IEBC's mandate as articulated in Article 257 of the Constitution and therefore the Commission cannot sabotage it.

The Commission has deployed its best human resources to manage the process and the same confirmed by Hon. Junet and his BBI co-chair when they visited the Bomas of Kenya facility on 8th January 2021.

The Commission leased the Bomas of Kenya facility for purposes of the verification exercise.

In  accordance with the contractual obligations, the facility is expected to provide uninterrupted power supply and internet connectivity to enable data capture and verification process.  

The Commission acknowledges having experienced intermittent internet connectivity challenges on the material dates at the facility occasioned by system upgrade of the bandwidth and power outages.

However, the issue was formally brought to the attention of Bomas of Kenya management for quick action and the same addressed.

The Commission wishes to assure all stakeholders and the general public that the exercise is going on as expected and that it is committed to ensuring that the process is completed within the shortest time possible.