Archbishop of Power of Jesus Around the World Washington Ogonyo Ngede has denounced claims he was among the clergymen who visited President-elect William Ruto on Wednesday at his official residence in Karen.

Washington Ogonyo Ngede. PHOTO/TWITTER

Ruto shared a list of the names of the religious leaders with whom he met and among the names was Ogonyo’s.

“Hosted faith leaders at the Karen Residence, Nairobi County, led by Archbishop Philip Anyolo, Archbishop Anthony Muheria, Supkem National Chairman Hassan Ole Naado, Bishop Robert Lang’at, Bishop Joseph Ntombura, Bishop Mark Kariuki, Bishop David Oginde, Bishop Kepha Omae, Retired Bishop Silas Yego, among others,” Ruto wrote.

However, Ogonyo has come out to deny strongly the claims saying he is in Kisumu with his family.

Ogonyo issued a press statement at his Nyalenda office saying he has not gotten out of Kisumu for any meetings of that kind and has been on a prayer mission for three days for peace.

He said he was greatly disappointed and dismayed at the claims

"I am greatly disappointed and dismayed with the statement which is peddled against me. Someone said that I was at Karen yet I’am here since morning. I’ve never left Kisumu for three day I have never gone anywhere. I am just here in Kisumu, praying and interceding before God Almighty. Praying for peace to prevail in our land concerning what we have read in the newspaper about the result of the national election of our country," Ogonyo said.

"The statement is misleading since I have not left Kisumu…I’m here in my city of Kisumu. I’ve never gone anywhere."

Ogonyo said those clergymen whose names appeared on the statement were all seen in pictures that he had, but he was not in any of them.

He appealed to Kenyans and his fellow clergymen to always speak the truth because lying has its consequences.

“Now I appeal to my fellow Kenyans and clergymen. Let us not tell lies. Let us not be liars, liars will be judged by the God Almighty and I’ve never lied to anybody. If I love someone I stand with him, I can’t change,” Ogonyo said.

Ogonyo is the Azimio la Umoja One Kenya coalition leader, Raila Odinga’s spiritual father.