The five people who were mercilessly killed in Kiambu County died from multiple stab injuries which were most likely caused by the same person. 

This has been revealed by Chief Government Pathologist Johansen Oduor, who said the four family members and their worker exhibited similar wounds caused by the same objects.

"They were mainly stab wounds on the chest. Some of them had slash wounds on the neck," Dr Oduor said on Monday after conducting a postmortem.

He said a significant loss of blood that led to the eventual death of the five was noted and were due to severed major blood vessels on their necks.

"The injuries looked pretty similar and measured almost the same. The measurements of the stab wounds varied between three to four centimetres," he said during the media briefing.

He concluded that it was highly likely the weapons used in the gruesome killings was the same or the objects were very similar.

"It is most likely that one person conducted the murders." 

The chief suspect, Lawrence Njoroge Warunge, and his girlfriend Sarah Muthoni were on Monday arraigned over the murders executed on January 5 night in Karura village. 

Lawrence Warunge is suspected to have killed his father Nicholas Njoroge Warunge, mother Ann Wanjiku, his brother Christian Njenga Njoroge and nephew Maxwell Njenga, alongside their farmhand James Kinyanjui Wambaa over long standing family issues.

The pathologist revealed that Warunge’s father and brother were injured most as wounds even as his mother's upper arms were broken, a sign that she blocked as he was being attacked. 

According to Dr Oduor, all the victims suffered blunt force trauma to the head and Kinyanjui was most probably caught unawares hence put up the least resistance during the bloody night. 

He added that the postmortem exam also revealed the chief suspect’s father had many head injuries and did not break his legs while trying to escape from the balcony as widely reported. 

The farmhand is scheduled to laid to rest on Wednesday at Gathiga Cemetery while the deceased Warunge family members are set to be buried on Saturday at their Karura home.